HGE works to increase the performance and safety of existing iconic or essential structures. These projects include school campuses and municipal service buildings. We have successfully completed the initial seismic grant applications, securing funding for these improvements through the State’s Seismic Rehabilitation Program. This involves seismic evaluations, determining initial upgrades necessary, preparing the narrative, assisting with gathering usage data, completing the Benefit Cost Analysis, and preparing cost estimates. Upon securing the funding for the projects, HGE prepares the final seismic upgrade drawings and specifications, bid documents, administration of the bidding process, preparation of the contract agreements, and oversees construction. 

The buildings are designed to resist earthquake loads to meet current code requirements – Life Safety status. The goal is to upgrade the building strength to Immediate occupancy status. That means that the building is not only upgraded to meet current code requirements, allowing occupants to safely exit the building, but also withstand such forces and remain functional afterwards. This is a great benefit to our area, as buildings can truly be designated as an area of refuge during a seismic event. 

Location         Oregon 
Type             Remodel/Addition