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It is the responsibility of interested parties (General Contractors, Subcontractors, Plan Exchanges, etc.) to ensure that they receive timely updates by registering with HGE ARCHITECTS INC., to be included in the Plan Holders’ List, and by regularly checking this website. To register, please email and provide the information listed below. Providing your correct email address is very important as all communications about bidding updates are sent via email. Please ensure that the email address: is accepted by your email server and that emails from this address is not directed to your spam mail folder. Thank you.

  1. Name of Project you are interested in
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  3. Contact Person
  4. Physical and Mailing Address (if different)
  5. Phone and Fax Numbers (for back-up)
  6. Preferred email address (please provide this as email is the preferred means of communication)
  7. Category (General Contractor/Prime, Subcontractor, Supplier, or Plan Exchange)