This project was an approximately 1,700 sq. ft. single story wood-framed classroom addition to Coquille School District’s Lincoln School of Early Learning Child Development Center. The scope of work also included an adjacent freestanding 1,600 sq. ft. Covered Play Structure. The child care facility serves community children, 2 to 4 years old.

While the space had to comply with State guidelines, the completed design is  non-institutional, inviting, friendly, and has a whimsical feel. Interior spaces include an eating area, sleeping zone, sink/counter and refrigerator spaces with cabinets, toilets for boys, girls, and staff, with a baby changing station with sink. Natural daylighting and ventilation were important considerations during design.

Work was carefully coordinated as the Child Care Center continued operations in the existing building during the entire construction period.

Location       Coquille, OR
Completed     December 2017
Contractor     DLB Construction
Cost            $715,000
Size            3,300 sq. ft. 
Type            Addition